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    I am happy to be back on webOS with my new fire sale TP!!

    I setup everything last night, but my Photobucket account did not seem to fully sync (albums missing tons of pics) and I saw no way to force a re-sync. So I removed the account and then re-added the account to jump start this re-sync process.

    Ever since doing that, the photos never seem to sync. I get the notification that sync is in progress in the upper tray, but the photo app shows no pics and no spinning circle next to Photobucket Library in the app like when it was first setup and making the initial sync.

    Any thoughts other than the Doctor?
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    I noticed when i upload a pic from my pre to photobucket it puts the pics in the root/main photobucket folder. The pics do not seem to sync anymore. It will act like its syncing, but the pics dont show up. If I login photobucket and move the pic from the main folder to a folder they sometimes show up then. I've also removed and re-added the account and it seems to work, but by no means a thing I want to do regularly.

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