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    I sure hope someone will do a teleprompter app...
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    Does anyone have a particular font preference for something like this? I might have a bit of free time to have a play
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    @cantaffordit, crowza should still be working on it. I don't know the time line but it hasn't been all that long since he gave us an update.

    iprice, for font it needs to be thick and simple so it can be read clearly. arial seems like an obvious choice.
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    Im so behind this app. I do Open Mics alot and i hate carrying around my songbook. all i ask:
    1. being able to load a simple text document *typing on a TP isnt ideal*
    2. Black background with white lettering.
    3. Adjustable variable speed *on screen would be the best*
    4. Solid blocky readable font.

    Thats pretty much my needs. best of luck to anyone who wants to take on this task, and keep me in mind if you want a alpha/beta tester.

    5. completely offline. no need to have this app sync or anything
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    Right, I've had an hour's peace from real-life and managed to knock up a VERY basic start.

    I hope this is kind of what people are hoping for. Anyway, follow these instructions to have a look & play.

    1. Download and unzip the "" folder onto your pc/Mac (this contains the TouchPad .APK and a folder called "TouchPrompt")
    2. Connect your TP to your pc/Mac and put it into USB Mode
    3. Copy the "TouchPrompt" folder onto your TouchPad's root directory
    4. Use QuickInstall to install the .IPK file onto your TouchPad.
    5. Eject your TouchPad (take it out of USB Mode)
    6. Run the "TouchPrompt" app.

    This is a WIP (Work In Progress). Do not expect it to be flawless or feature laiden. The font & size I've used is NOT necessarily the final font/size and I have not added kerning to the text yet, so everything is blocktyped.

    Currently there is no file selector, so you have to use the demo01.txt file included. You can however copy this text file onto your pc/mac and alter it, then save it back onto your TouchPad (use USB Mode). I plan to add a file selector in the next version (as well as kern the text etc.)

    I used NotePad to create the .txt file on a Windows 7 pc. i have not tested on any other version of Windows or Mac.
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    Good start. APK should be IPK in point 4

    Works fine for me. Look forward to developments. Can you think about including scrolling an image.

    I had some thoughts about this myself and was going to have a corresponding duration (possibly in a similarly named small file) for the scrolled file to allow timing to be set. And what about adjusting the scrolling speed by touching the line on the screen that should be currently in the middle of the screen. The speed would be recalculated, the indicated line placed in the middle of the screen and scrolling continue at the corrected speed.

    The application that I have in mind for it is scrolling music lyrics and guitar tab images.

    Thanks for tackling this.
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    Glad it's working and nice spot. Edited to state .IPK

    It's not possible to include images in a Notepad text file itself, but it might be possible for me to use code within the text to load (and then display) an image. I've not got time to look at that today, but I'll certainly be thinking about it.

    And what about adjusting the scrolling speed by touching the line on the screen that should be currently in the middle of the screen.
    Umm? Not sure what you mean here. You can increase the scroll speed with the + and - but I think you're talking about something else? Teleprompts are completely new to me; I just read what people wanted and saw that online one (posted above) and went from there. If people want something expanded, then I'm open to ideas, but please make them clear and add diagrams to help with explanations if necessary.
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    I would anticipate that you would need separate code based on file type for images. Pdf would be good too. ;-)

    Re scrolling. I was describing an automatic adjustment of scrolling speed. I will PM you about it.
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    I would anticipate that you would need separate code based on file type for images. Pdf would be good too. ;-)
    Parsing the .txt file could/should allow for inclusion of images - I'll have a looksee over the next few days (really busy at the moment, with work and meetings).

    As for PDF. HaHaHa! Not a chance. I'm already looking at doing some things that wasn't in the original spec!

    I look forward to seeing your PM.
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    a teleprompter (like the original request) is just a display for text that scrolls and can reverse to it can be reflected off a half silvered mirror in front of a camera thus allowing a news anchor to look directly into the camera.
    File:Teleprompter schematic.svg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Actual teleprompters just show text,

    what johncc wants is more like an automated song book (so half teleprompter half slideshow)

    a txt file may be too basic for that,html may be better

    to get johncc's autosongbook without typing on the touchpad,
    you may have to created either a desktop or a webware client (but im not a programmer and could very well be spouting off gibberish )
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    Just because a teleprompter normally shows text doesn't mean that a version can't show graphics too (maybe)

    Reversing text shouldn't be much of a problem - thanks for reminding me
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    i never meant that it couldnt but i was just clarifying what an actual teleprompter does. (why not sure :-/ )

    guess there could be two (or more) programs that have similar functions one just text scrolls, another text and images, etc.

    i know that an external controller would come in handy, so when its in mounted position the operator can pause stop speed up or slow down the scroll.

    most of time people use foot pedals, but ive only seen one bluetooth one, and it's a pageturner (ie press left to go back, right to go forward) it might work, one pedal is speed up another is slow down (all the way to stop)
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    Images are in and working (on the pc - I've not tested on a real TP yet). These are completely optional - if you want them, just put "#IM"+the name of the image file (.BMP, .PNG and possibly .JPG) in the .txt file. The image needs to be in the same file as the text file.

    I plan to implement BT keyboard controls so that you can control the TP from a distance - however, I've only got a BT Mac keyboard and that gave some odd results for some keys, so this will need testing.
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    I want this app!
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    image tags, awesome! another thing i thought of, there is usually a little triangle or or line showing where the speaker should be focusing its typically where the center of the camera is and it can moved up and down
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    Another day, another WIP and of course, some self promotion

    I've not had a chance to sort out the kerning as promised, but I've added images - hey, I've got to keep you interested somehow, haven't I! :P

    [EDIT] Removed URL link to very old demo

    Same as before - install the .IPK and then copy over TouchPrompt folder to your TouchPad.

    [EDIT] I can add a touchscreen view indicator thingy easily
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    Good progress.

    It makes sense to me for the program to be as flexible as possible and cope with the prompting display requirements of as many users as possible. I imagine that most would be using it for more general purpose prompting requirements, rather than strictly as a "teleprompter".
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    To be honest the number of people wanting something like this is going to be very low, so I might as well try to accomodate as many of those users requests as posisble (where possible). It's not a difficult thing to code, so adding in bits and pieces shouldn't take too long - dev time permitting of course.

    Next WIP hopefully will include reversed/mirrored text and font kerning. I'm toying with the idea of adding colour tags too (eg #RED etc.) to change text colour, although this will mean re-drawing the text in a different way and might slow the whole system down, although I won't know until I give it a try. Is coloured text something people might want?
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    Not had a lot of time today, so I've just sorted out a couple of things, like kerning (not 100% complete yet) and coloured text - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue.

    Use #RED for red etc.

    Oh and #WHITE for, well you know!

    Same as before just install via QuickInstall and USB. Don't delete the old TouchPrompt folder, as the new .txt file still makes use of the old images (I've not included them to keep the file small to allow attachment here).

    Still stuff to do -
    - Finalise text (font & size, kerning).
    - Splashscreen
    - Viewing cursor thingy
    - Something about variable speed (johncc request that I haven't had time to read and understand properly)
    - Reversible/mirrored text
    - Something else that I can't actually remember right now.
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    so i tried out my own text file, typed it in open office then saved it as a txt and renamed it as demo01 (so touch prompt would find it) the words ran right off the screen.

    Now obviously this is still alpha but just thought you'd (iprice) like to know.
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