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    Are there any good apps for young kids? I'm coming over from a xoom and my 19 month old daughter is gonna freak if I don't find a replacement for Monkey Preschool Lunchbox.

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    Aside from some letter/ numbers games and brain teaser apps, there's not much in the way of educational apps.
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    There are a couple of new apps on there called Make A Scene: Farm and Make A Scene: Jungle - really good quality apps for the Touchpad. My little ones love it but they're also learning all of the animal names and sounds, so educational too!
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    There's not an awful lot. My two kids like the Colouring Book HD. There's various animal shapes and other shapes and you choose a colour and touch the screen to colour in the segments of the shape. It costs a few dollars. And they don't mind having a go at Angry Birds of course.
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    My kids use BrainPop, iStoryBook and FlashCards almost every day.

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    There are also a whole bunch of Dr. Seuss books you can purchase - my 2 and 3 yo great niece and nephew enjoy them. They also like "Art of Glow" as well.
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    There are a lot more websites than Apps. While I have a personal interest in the App, I suggest that you get Shortcut Launcher from the HP catalog. This App helps you make shortcuts on your launcher to great kid's websites. When my nephew comes over, I clear off a whole launcher tab and put on a bunch of kid site links. Keeps him entertained for hours.

    Hope this helps,
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    Quote Originally Posted by bmbriefs View Post
    Are there any good apps for young kids? I'm coming over from a xoom and my 19 month old daughter is gonna freak if I don't find a replacement for Monkey Preschool Lunchbox.

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    There are tons of them. If you go into the catalog and check under each category, there are many apps listed. Dozens of interactive books, learning apps for the alphabet and learning letter writing. Coloring books, iStory books that read to them, encyclopedia Britannica for kids. Plus all the simple non-violent games in the catalog. Pre games work great, they are pixelated but the kids don't care.

    My 4 and 8 year olds love it. Plus there are tons of websites that work perfectly in the browsers flash without need for and app. (just add to launcher for instant "app mode")

    Some of my kids favs: | Kids Educational Computer Games & Activities
    Starfall's Learn to Read with phonics
    PBS KIDS: Educational Games, Videos and Activities For Kids!
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    Sorry about the shameless plug but I came across your post while searching for children's apps on webos.

    We've just released a Peg puzzle app specifically designed for young children (2 - 4).

    If you're interested take a look here:

    "Pegpuzzle is a digital take on the classic children’s wooden peg puzzle toys. A fun and interactive way of learning, the game helps to develop fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, logical thinking skills and can also be used as a tool to help develop vocabulary through object recognition."

    Any feedback welcome
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    you can always install a NES emulator or N64 Emulator and put kids games on those. Ive already done that for one of my co workers... granted not perfect but does a good job
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    7yo loves bug village
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    I'd like to add AMD Puzzle. A free game that's just been updated.It will help develop spatial organizational skills, I remember playing the original plastic 3x3 puzzles as a kid for hours.
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    Dots N Lines is a nice connect the dots game. it has 8 modes of play and has 2 language options English & Spanish. My 3 year old love s it as well as the Make a Scene apps. He also like s a game called Snakes Slider thet has 2 snakes in a small space and you must manuver the green one to the exit.

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