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    I'm using WOSQI 4.2.3 with updated Novacom, but when I try to install Preware on the TB I get these errors:
    ERROR: Invalid or corrupt package org.webosinternals.preware_1.7.3_arm.ipk
    ERROR: Invalid or corrupt package org.webosinternals.preware_1.7.3_arm.ipk


    and I end up back at the application page. My TP is updated to the most recent version.

    Any suggestions?

    NEW: Seems that none of the Preware apps will load. I tried a number of them and they're all coming up as corrupt. Guess I'll try to reinstall the WOSQI and see if that helps.
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    1) make sure the wireless is still working sometimes after a reboot it forgets the wireless settings for some odd reason
    2) make sure its in dev mode enabled

    have no hand any problems and done it on 3 touchpad units
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    I may have found the problem. I made the assumption that I DID have the most recent update when I started the Preware process. I had started the update and when I came back the download screen was gone. Seems I was wrong as it had quit in the middle of it. Must remember to check and not assume next time.

    I'm now having to download and start the Doctor as my resumption of the update ended with the triangle with the "!" in the middle.

    I hope this sets things straight once I'm done.

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