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    Anyone else's music app pretty much...suck? It's so slow and I only have about 10 CDs on their as I'm just testing it out. It's scrolling is pitiful, often times it takes more than a few swipes to move it. I've tried with and without the 1.5 OC. No tangible difference.
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    How long have you had your touchpad, everything's slow in the first few days. Reboot it a few times while synergy is indexing.
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    You can also try AudiophileHD.
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    Thanks doc and nyu, I will try both!
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    The stock music app has never been webOS' strong suit - it's adequate, but no more.

    AudiophileHD has been mentioned; i'm not sure if it exists for the TouchPad, but if it does, Koto Player is another fantastic music player option and has Just Type support.

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