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    I just bought two 16GB TouchPads at a local Wal-Mart under the big "fire sale." I'm an iPad owner, but have been interested in the TouchPad for a long time, and also bought a TouchPad for my son who is in middle school. At the current price, I have no problem sending it with him to school.

    I've done some searching on Precentral and Google for some answers, but I'm wondering if you have additional advice:

    1) A word processor. It sounds like Quick Office will eventually allow this, and I've already downloaded Typewriter Beta. Any suggestions? Is there anything like Paperhelper for the iPad on the TouchPad?

    2) Note-taking app. Is there anything like Penultimate for iPad on the Touchpad? I've downloaded Just Draw so far.

    3) Graphing calculator specifically for the TouchPad. Any suggestions? I've downloaded CalculatorPlusPlus already.

    4) (more of an observation) Looks like pReader is the only option for an ePub reader at this time.

    5) Is there a PDF reader that allows you to turn pages by swiping left/right rather than up/down?

    Sorry for the newbie questions--but you folks are the experts.
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    I'm not an expert in the Touchpad, but I can give you a perspective on how useful it is for a student.

    Not sure if a tablet, especially the Touchpad, is best for school (I would worry about the device its self in terms of being stolen or teachers not allowing it in class). I am a college student and I got the touchpad as a way to seperate my work (done on my laptop) and play (done on my touchpad).
    As for the apps:
    1.) Some rumors say that the Quick Office update is coming soon as well as another one, but so far all apps for document editing are coming soon.
    2.) I wish there was an app that worked as well with a stylus but I don't think there is one yet.
    3.) I've been looking for this, but haven't seen one yet. Honestly though I wouldn't spend money on a calculator app and just buy a good graphing calculator. Mine has lasted me 4 years, but the ability to use it on tests is nice and eventually one will be needed on the SAT/ACT. A good graphing calculator will go a long way. (as much as I hate to say it I like HP Graphing calculators).
    4.) Not quite sure.
    5.) Not sure about the PDF reader. I find that once I get used to the up and down swipes its not that bad.

    I would recommend Course Smart and Kahn Academy apps though. Course Smart is for textbooks (more useful to a college student like me), but I'm not sure about highschool and middle school textbooks. I think both are free.

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