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    I give it a 50/50 chance. Not such a big deal now that WebOS is dead. Wonder how they'll price it?
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    If it's paid, I want full support and updates. If it's free, I don't mind no updates + support.

    I do mind that there's editing one way or another, at least, though! :P
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    Richard Kerris on twitter, in a reply to the big question :

    "42" !

    No wait... Oh yeah that's it:

    "Latest update for QO. This week"

    We're not alone

    update: doc and spreedsheet editing, ppt yet to come...
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    Thats great news. Please pass along my complements to the team for their efforts.

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    Is it just mine or does quickoffice completely screw up the formatting of excel documents that are transferred over from a PC?

    I would really like to see an editing feature but it would not be worth it for me if the formatting gets all screwed up between devices.
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    QO updated to include document and spreadsheet editing
    Quickoffice brings editing to HP webOS
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    Already downloaded the update. Haven't had a chance to try it. If I get cloud file "syncing" I might not need my Transformer.
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    editing works great so far.
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