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    This is my first time posting here.. in fact I just signed up.. but my profile says I have 6 previous posts from... 2005? Weird.

    --->Well anyways,

    The Facebook application loads up ZERO photos. Not profile pictures, uploaded photos, no pictures.

    I've uninstalled/reinstalled and that's all I know to do..coming from Android...

    Is it the app, or can I fix this?
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    You probably have Facebook's Secure Browsing feature enabled. From webOS's Facebook page:

    Pictures aren't showing up in the app. Help! I suddenly can't see photos in the app. What's up?

    Facebook for HP webOS does not yet support Facebook's new, always-on https mode. To disable it (and restore functionality in your app), just visit Facebook's website and navigate to Account > Account Settings > Account Security and uncheck "Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) whenever possible." We're working on a permanent solution of building https support into the app.
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