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    I am still stuck with Sprint, and therefore running 1.4.5 for app catalogue. And, therefore also seeing a Palm icon when the app catalogue launches.

    I just went to update my first app review (author of app has been working to change the app to improve), and I continually run into an Error message, that says, "Could not submit your review at this time. Try again later." I"ve been getting this for a few days.

    So, I'm wondering:
    1) Have others on 1.4.5 noticed this before?
    2) Is this a new thing with HPs takeover/xfer of server addresses for apps/servers, and is happening to other 1.4.5 users the last month?
    3) How the heck can I rectify this. I really need/would like to update a 2 star to a 5 star review for an app that recently launched in the catalogue. I don't want to deter other users from not buying the app, for all the hard work the author put into it.

    Thx for any feedback.
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    i keep getting this every time I try to do a review, too from Software Manager on Verizon Pre3. But then I go to the App Catalog, and there my review is.

    So maybe is just a bug in their reply code when they update the App Catalog app.
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