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    I just got a Touchpad, and it's a paperweight so far.

    I am trying to import my ebooks, mp3s, .cbr files and .avi files.

    I can't get any of the programs to recognize them. Does anyone know where to actually import the files for:

    1. preader (from what I gather, Kindle does not import well);
    2. comics hd (can't get any file recognized);
    3. music player; and
    4. video player.

    I am just putting them under typical directories, such as video, documents, ebooks, comics, etc., and so far nothing.

    Any help would be really appreciated.
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    Thanks. Downloading the media player.

    Does anyone have thoughts on getting comic book files recognized in Comic Books HD (or any other software), as well as getting preader to see my mobi and epub files?
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    Try some of the stuff on this thread:
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    make sure you are updated to 3.0.2
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    for Preader you also have to manually add books to the library. It sometimes has issue with large files though.

    When you get them imported and start reading if you see any wonky characters where there should be things like quotes or brackets you'll need to change the encoding in the menu. i'm using UTF-8.

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