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    Send a tweet to Epic to let them know we want great games for our nice new Touchpad.

    Say anything you like or use this tweet...
    "@UnrealEngine @webOSdev How bout some #WebOS love? would be great to see #infinityblade on the #Touchpad"

    We need to show that webOS can be a great place for major game devs and what better way than to get one of the biggest IOS games.
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    I just tweeted... The game looks awesome!
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    I tweeted as well. Hopefully Epic can grace us with the Unreal Engine. Infinity Blade is an alright game, incredibly repetitive.
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    Awesome! The more traction we can get on this the better.

    UDK is already confirmed to be working on we just need the games...
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    Infinity Blade is actually made by Chair, a company I almost went to work for; but they were acquired by Epic.

    This is highly unlikely. Epic is largely avoiding even Android. They tend to gravitate to high numbers only; they don't support underdogs.

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