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    I tried to use Shopping Manager as an inventory tool, but it quickly became too complicated to be worthwhile.

    I'm mostly thinking out loud here, but these are my suggestions for a new app.

    Inventory Manager would be a companion program to Shopping Manager. It could even be an alternate mode, or extension, or whatever the proper term in webOS is. It would require a separate purchase.

    Instead of tracking what you need, it tracks what you have.

    Instead of shops, it would have locations, like pantry, refrigerator, bathroom(s), kitchen, bedroom(s), living room, garage, office, yard, etc.

    There would be a whole new set of Details that's appropriate for general inventory, like manufacturer, description, serial numbers, purchase date, purchase place, etc.

    Item names are the linking field between the two Managers.

    Not all inventory items would be suitable for Shopping Manager, like electronics, appliances, furniture, etc.

    But if they are, and I'm thinking mostly grocery items and the like, they can be sent to Shopping Manager as needed with a button. If it doesn't exist, it gets added. If it exists, it gets updated to needed.

    Conversely, Shopping Manager items can be sent to Inventory Manager to be added.

    Categories would be shared.

    That's all I have for now.

    What do you think?
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    I would love to have something like that!

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