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    I am looking for a podcast catcher app that will find feeds, automatically download podcasts and play audio/video podcasts. If not "yet" available, what is my best option?

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    There's Simple PodCatcher. I think it's nice.
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    There isnt one yet. Simple Podcaster has a half decent UI (just wish the sliding panels would slide all the way, I dont like seeing part of the panal) but no scrobble bar, no downloading for later listening

    Dr.Podder is still the best but it has a tendency to forget your feeds.
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    I've just been using Google Reader website to store my Podcast feeds until a Dr.Podder Gets updated for the touchpad.
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    Not ideal but Video Flood HD lets you stream and/or download Podcasts.
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    I use HDFlood as well but just discovered that when I stream audio instead of downloading a podcast, I can't do anything else on my TouchPad because the stream will pause. I just have a black screen. Even minimizing the card causes it to pause. Other than that it works pretty well.
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    is dr. Podder getting updated for the TP?
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    I don't have a TP yet (maybe Christmas?) so I haven't been keeping up, but is Dr. Podder something that can be used on the TP? Or, is it being updated to work with the TP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dcbo89 View Post
    Dr.Podder is still the best but it has a tendency to forget your feeds.
    Weird, I've never seen that on my Pre or on my Touchpad.
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    Instead of asking this same question again, I figured I would just bump this post. Any progress on a good podcast app?
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    there is now podFrenzy (which is drPodder for the Touchpad) and PodCatcher Deluxe
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    I have promo codes for podcatcher deluxe, and video podcatcher deluxe from the dev (kevin haussman). Had a couple issues at first because of file support and emulator issues, de doesn't have a touchpad. I've been helping him and they both work great now. He's working on porting them to the pre3 too. Initial comments were crappy because he couldn't see issues without a tp of his own. Pm me for promo in exchange for an honest comment on the apps. They are both getting even better with 3.0.4 soon, as video and audio playback can be in app without launching the video player ( finally 3.0.4 fixes a lot of bugs)

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