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    In the catalog today. There's a trial version that seems to work as per paid, except a reminder that it's a trial version every 3 minutes. Tried it for a few minutes, bought it a few minutes later.

    Super simple to set up, far easier (for me) than KalemSoft as my brain doesn't like setting up port forwarding for whatever reason.

    Only plays files supported by the TouchPad itself. I've only tried pictures and .mp3s.

    Not only a player, but you can transfer your files directly to TouchPad over WiFi. Multiple transfers at once. I would suggest smaller folders, tried doing a folder with 300+ songs and it seemed to stall.(Might have had something to do with screen on TouchPad turning off, was set to 10 minutes) Make sure screensaver/sleep mode is turned off on your PC.

    Overall pretty happy with the app, and worth the $2 and change.
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    I'll take a look at suspending putting the device to sleep whilst an import is in progress.
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    Thanks for the "free" version to test things out. Is there a way to debug using it? It sees my server (serviio from Serviio DLNA media server), but it just waits (spinning disk) forever when I try to connect.
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    Is this just for touchpad or also for WebOS2? (I assume not...) Any plans to move it to WebOS2?

    Any plans to make this a DLNA server to stream to other devices?

    (*my wife keeps seeing her friend use Airplay and has been prodding me about why we stay on webos and don't go to Apple -- don't worry, that will NEVER happen... though android does catch my eye ocassionally when I'm annoyed with HP/Palm/webOS!)
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    Just downloaded the trial version. Looks very nice and it's exactly what I'm looking for, but...

    I can't get the app to see my preferred upnp dnla server: Asset UPnP.
    Asset UPnP DLNA

    Has anyone had luck using this server.

    The server is visible from my other players e.g. my Onkyo receiver, Playstation3, etc...

    Any ideas?
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    I'm not the developer, I was just giving it a shout out because I liked it so much and thought others might as well. I have 2 servers set up on my PC TVersity and one that says OWNER-PC. is where you can find that server and I think the other is just through network/media centre.

    what sold me was the file transfer, pretty much what I needed it for, and I realize there are others, have WiFi media sync, but one of the cool features is being able to preview things before transfer. I have way too many photo albums that are just letter/number codes from the camera, as well as just way too many songs.

    I did notice on occasion it won't find the servers, even sitting beside my router. Refreshing it until they showed up (one or two times) usually found them.
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    Upnp av player is working better than bhome for me. I have intermittent problems with bhome finding my servers but not with upnp av player. Using the free version and will buy it as soon as my early adopter $50 credit shows up.

    I am here:,-121.462630
    - Ivan
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    Interesting, I downloaded it and while set-up was super easy, the player completely screwed up the aspect ratio of every movie i tried to play through it. It's in some weird zoom mode where it's still in widescreen, but it's clipping the left, right, and top of the screen.
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    Doesn't see my ReadyNAS Duo. Didn't see a way to enter an IP address.
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    bhome had problems detecting media servers, but the latest update fixed that issue. I've used both apps and each one does one thing better than the other.

    File browser:
    *UPnP AV player has a more intuitive user interface for browsing folders. Though, it can be slower than bhome some times.

    *Both UPnP av player and bhome take a long time to load each thumbnail. Pictures won't load fullscreen unless all thumbnails are fully loaded first.
    *UPnP AV player is able to save hi-res images while bhome saves low-res images. This is probably a bug, but as of today it isn't fixed.

    *bhome plays videos really fast and gives you the option to toggle between original size and full screen.
    *UPnP AV player does a really poor job at playing back video. The edges are cut off, the audio plays out of synch and the quality of the video is not as good as with bhome.

    *UPnP AV player has a great interface for music. I love the integrated music player, but I wish it was able to save playlists.

    As of now I feel like I need to have both because they are missing something from each other.
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    An additional difference:
    BHome does rotate pictures when going from landscape to portrait and vice versa, AV player doesn't.
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    I'm the developer of UPnP AV Player. Just letting you know theres a release waiting to be approved that has loads of enhancements.

    - Improved Server Discovery
    - Video Player plays at the correct aspect ratio
    - Added Fullscreen/Original button
    - Importing now saves into music, pictures, videos folders underneath downloads/upnpavplayer to keep downloads tidy
    - Imported files now have full file names including extensions
    - Fixed issue when importing when files containing dollars or question marks in their file name
    - Made screen stay on whilst importing
    - If import failed, fixed a bug where upon next import it still showed the error message
    - Fixed Importing Total Progress count
    - Added KB's remaining to download indicator to import dialog box
    - Rewritten Shuffle feature of Music player so that the visible list doesn't get redrawn
    - Made Music Player list scroll to the playing track so you can easily see what's playing when track changes when shuffle is turned on
    - Add logging code to help identify server discovery issues
    - Grab button now works correctly
    - Video Player controls bar hides nicely now when leaving the video

    I've tested with a few more servers here like Windows Home Server 2011 and Asset UPnP and these are working correctly.
    Right now I am making it remember the discovered servers (with swipe to delete) and improving server discovery.

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    Hey Richard -- Wow, that's some major updating you have been doing. Glad to see how quickly you are moving this along - and thanks for your responsiveness by email as well.

    I see the paid version updated to 1.0.1 today, but the trial version sits at 1.0.0. 100% honest, I'll be buying the paid app the moment I confirm it works with my server(s), the two you mention as fixed, but I guess I just want to confirm it with the trial first to be sure there's nothing wonky going in here in my home network environment before I sink the price of my morning Starbucks. (Yes, sometimes I wonder why we quibble over a couple of bucks. I guess now, it's just habit.)

    Keep up the good work.


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    Hi John,

    Yeh, i've submitted the free version about 5 mins after the paid version but it's still waiting for approval. I've got another version here now with some changes to remember previously dsicovered servers in a db and also a simple network status indicator.

    Problem is I can't sumbit these changes to the free version until HP approve the previous version.

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    I have a DD-WRT router with a USB hard drive attached. It doesn't see my drive. However, the BHOME AV app does. The main problem is that everything I have is either .avi or .mkv. BHOME won't play it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by barrysanders20 View Post
    I have a DD-WRT router with a USB hard drive attached. It doesn't see my drive. However, the BHOME AV app does. The main problem is that everything I have is either .avi or .mkv. BHOME won't play it.
    Neither will this app. The only way you're going to be able to play those file types would be with KalemSoft Media Player, as it has an desktop client to transcode them on the fly.

    UPnP Player is a nice app otherwise. Maybe down the road he'll add in the ability to play these file types.
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    Quote Originally Posted by barrysanders20 View Post
    I have a DD-WRT router with a USB hard drive attached. It doesn't see my drive. However, the BHOME AV app does. The main problem is that everything I have is either .avi or .mkv. BHOME won't play it.
    Hi Barry,

    Are you using the version 1.0.0 or version 1.0.1. Currently it appears that the update to the free version to make it 1.0.1 has got stuck in the review process at HP. Hopefully they will get that sorted and your'll be able to upgrade to 1.0.1 as that has improved server discovery.

    I have got version 1.0.2 sitting here with even better server discovery, but am waiting for HP to release 1.0.1 so I can submit it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by itsthetaste View Post

    I'm the developer of UPnP AV Player. Just letting you know theres a release waiting to be approved that has loads of enhancements.

    Hi Richard,

    any plans to support webos phones...

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    hi all
    I just downloaded the free version to see how well the file transfer over WiFi worked before I decide if it is a worth while purchases

    so it worked as promised ... Other than now I can't find the files I brought over

    can someone point me in the right direction
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    I downloaded the free one. It finds my server (DAPHNE:alan is what it says). When I press on that server, it opens a new screen but just sits there with the circle spinning.

    What does that mean?

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