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    Although I'm happy for at least having Kindle, I'd love to have Aldiko. pReader is okay but it messes up the formatting in a lot of my books and the UI is lacking, imo.
    I'd also love to see a native weight tracker/body measurement tracker. Something along the lines of Libra for Android.
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    Kingdom Rush - love this tower defense game. would love it to be ported to webOS
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    WhatsApp, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Molo Photo Filters Pro, Mahjong, Blogger, an app that reminds me to do my tasks
    Click here to see my Palm Pre photos

    Fave Apps: Agenda, Facebook, Molo Photo Filters Pro, Spaz, AuctionMate Pro, Flickr Mundo, Brightness Unlinked, AccuWeather, NomNomNom, KalemSoft Media Player, Paketverfolgung, Puzzle Master

    Palm Pre -> HP Pre 3 + TouchPad <3
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    I would love construction master pro calculator app please
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    I'd like something like XBMC that supports thumbnails for music/movies. Kalemsoft media player is great but it needs thumbnail support... same with the stock music player.
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