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    I couldn't find an answer or screen shot. I downloaded the Advanced Browser, in part, for the Paper Mache integration but can't figure out *how* they work together.

    I know Paper Mache requires the $1/month subscription but I want to know how it works *before* I pay.

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    I don't know anything about the advanced browser aspect, but basically Paper Mache lets you access things you save to your Instapaper account from your desktop. The $3 is paid to Instapaper, a fee they charge if you're going to use third party apps, like Paper Mache.

    When I have a page on my desktop that I want to read later, I use the Read Later bookmark/javascript that you get from Instapaper and it copies that current page to my account.

    If you highlight a portion of a page, it seems to grab just that. If you don't, it seems to do a really good job of just grabbing the "content" of the page, not pulling in extra stuff.

    But... I believe you still need a data connection on the TP to view stuff, this doesn't save a local copy for offline viewing.
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    The "Share" icon in the toolbar for Advanced Browser has an additional menu entry for "Save to Paper Mache".

    What this does is launch the Paper Mache app to add that web page to your "Unread" list. If Paper Mache is already running, this happens quietly in the background. If its not running it will launch briefly, add the page and the immediately close.

    There is also a Preware patch for "Save to Paper Mache" that patches the webOS default Browser application to do the same thing.

    When I get a chance, I'm going to extend the patch to add this to the tap-and-hold on link menu, so you can add a link as well, rather than just the current page.

    @screwdestiny is also working on a TP version of the Super Sharing Mix Tweak that would enable "Save to Paper Mache" and "Save to Instapaper" from the webOS default Browser.
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    I was not an Instapaper customer until getting the TouchPad and I have to say, paying them $3 at a time (for 3 months) to use Paper Mache is one of my favorite features of the TouchPad. I can follow a link in a twitter post, wait for it to load then send to Paper Mache. Before leaving a WiFi connection, if i've added articles from my PC i open and sync Paper Mache and while away from WiFi I can read those articles. It's been great whether going camping or traveling.

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    I couldn't agree more with Clarice. I jumped in and spent the $3 before I really understood.

    The Preware patch and the bookmark on my PC are a great way to save any url for reading later. And the formatting in Paper Mache is better to read than most any webpage.

    Love it!
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    Does Paper Mache support sites requiring login? WSJ articles aren't working for me. I'm using the patch on my TP to send them to Paper Cache.
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    The current "Send to Paper Mache" only sends the URL, so it does not support sites with a password. The WebView that the Browser uses does not provide access to the page content.

    I understand the "Read Later" bookmarklet on a PC can send the page text when it saves, so that will likely work with password protected sites. You can also select and email the article text to Instapaper to show up in your Unread folder.

    Neither particularly elegant solutions for password protected pages, but its a limitation of the Browser interface.

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