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    Hey guys.. Some of you might have heard about Jonathan's card. It is a social experiment by Jonathan where he has shared his Starbucks gift card for everyone to use..! Check out his website for more details.
    Get a coffee, give a coffee - Jonathan's Card

    Using his card, I have created a webOS application enabling webOS users to purchase a coffee for free (if funds are available)..

    As his website says, the motto is simple. "Get a coffee, give a coffee".

    If anybody wants to try this out at Starbucks, please download this app and let me know if it works.

    App can be downloaded from the link below:

    Please note: Donate option may not work well with webOS versions < 2.0.0 as Starbucks website uses flash.
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    Anyone had a chance to test this out?
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    Update: Jonathan's card has been taken down as of 10:00pm est. Thanks for all your interest in this app for the phone.

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