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    Does that work on the TP?
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    No. It only support Safari & Chrome browsers for now.
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    It is supposed to be 100% HTML 5, that is why I asked.
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    This would be Amazon's answer to Apple's demanding a take on every in-app purchase.
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    tried it on Chromium in ubuntu, did not work, needs Chrome
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    It does a browser check. So unless you can find a bypass parameter or a way to spoof one of the supported browsers, it's not letting you in.
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    It won't really be needed any where else. This is just for those who want to use the kindle Ipad experience without losing the book support. Its good for those with chromebooks too.

    Android and Web Os really won't need this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shingi_70 View Post

    Android and Web Os really won't need this.
    Unless they do - unfortunately, the Kindle App is only available to users in the US and Canada. For whatever reason - I think this is absolutely stupid, as we're able to use the reader Apps on all other supported platforms without a hitch here in Switzerland. They even sell the Kindle to Swiss users - so what the frak?

    Amazon - can you at least let us have the cloud reader here?

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