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    I've noticed that some PDK-Games in the App-Catalog missing the hint, that they are shining in HD on the Touchpad.
    This happens when the Developer creates a multi-IPK-Package that contains versions for all WebOS-Devices (1.4.5. upwards). HP grants his note "for Touchpad" only for programs that are uploaded for WebOS 3.0.0 upwards.
    (Same problem with the Mojo-Programs blown to fullscreen with UIRevision2 in the appinfo.json).
    Also the devs forget to state this in the Descriptions of the progs.

    Some PDK-Programs as example (if you find more, please add to the thread):

    Joining Hands (10tons)
    Iron Fist Boxing (RealtechVR)
    Beware of the Bad Seeds (RealtechVR)
    Freeesh (RealtechVR)
    No Gravity (RealtechVR)
    SkyORB (RealtechVR)
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    Quote Originally Posted by sledge007 View Post
    Thank's for the hint !

    But what you didn't noticed is that the programs i'am refer to are not only 'scale up' to (blocky) fullscreen (like the normal old PDK games), no they are updated to detect the Touchpad resolution of 1024*768 and run like every other HD Game specially made for Touchpad
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    realtech VR developer speaking here:

    Yes all our apps are updated for HP Touch Pad (using native resolution) and are ready for Palm Pre 3 as well, while still being compatible with WebOS 1.4.5.

    In some of our apps like SkyORB, we are also using new feature only available on the HP Touch Pad like virtual keyboard, digital compass.

    Also the game No Gravity: If you have an iCade (google iCade Cabinet), you can pair the HP Touch Pad with bluetooth and play with it.
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    thanks vblack for additional information from really first hands :-)

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