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    I'd just like to say I was a little irked about the credit or lack thereof to the ROTW. I'm over it. I said what I felt needed to be said to HP.

    I explained I bought the 32GB on launch. Case, keyboard, touchstone and close to $40, to date, in TouchPad specific apps. I'm not looking for a free ride, just to be treated with equality. I said my piece, it is what it is and I guess we'll see.

    I've beta tested a couple of apps over the last few weeks, both are in the catalog. One, Wild'n Video Poker is finished, and the developer still has more plans for it. The other, YView isn't far from being completed. Fxspec06 & Warlord9159 respectively.

    Both have created these solely with emulators and beta-tester feedback. From what I understand, the emulator is ok, but doesn't have the graphics accelerators the TouchPad has, and doesn't give a true representation of how the app works on our TouchPads

    I am sure there are others in the same boat, but these are the two I know about personally.

    Do them and our community a favor and support these developers. Proceeds from sales are going into their TouchPad funds. Really, do what you want to do with your credit, but I thought I would give you something to think about.

    Even though I beta tested, and had free copies, I still paid for their apps out of my pocket.

    Feel free to list any other up and coming developers to the list and apologize for the sales pitch, but you probably wouldn't know unless you were told.

    (Goes without saying webOS Internals & JR)
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    Hmm...feel ya brother! Yet to get my $50 smackers either, also bought my TP 32gb on July 1st, already contacted HP, they said it is coming, and nothing yet.

    Glad someone is standing up for the small developers and I'd also like to hear about more of them developers making things happen and supporting webOS.

    I did beta testing for Blue Star who wrote BHome DLNA receiver software, went back and forth with them fixing problems and enhancing, and thankfully their latest version is almost perfect and also in the catalog. Appreciate motivated developers! Sorli...

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