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    Clicked on the "Wood Slicer" app in the catalog and got the message "This is not a valid HP WebOS application". The only option was close the app catalog.

    HP needs to spend less time on "Pivot" and fix their App Catalog.
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    Or at the very least allow you to filter out non-TP apps.

    That error means you're trying to view a non-TP app (meant for the WebOS phones only)
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    Here's what's happening:
    Apps appear in the app catalog before they are fully updated. Don't know why. But until it updates, when you tap the app, it tries to load the old incompatible app (or, if it's a new app, an app that doesn't even exist yet)
    You'll notice sometimes when you hit the new app tab, you'll see a bunch of apps that you own, and say "launch"
    After it says "Launch" for an hour, it will switch to "update", meaning the update has been made available.
    Annoying bug, just wait for it.
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    I started getting the "This is not a valid HP webOS application." in the hp app catalog on my touchpad today. When I click on that notice it changes to DISC0025,RESP0002,DISC0025,RESP0009,RESP0006,LOC07001 with retry button. Click retry and nothing happens. I have to close the app and reopen it but I keep getting the same message. Anyone know what's wrong? My touchPad isn't running anything other than HP webOS 3.0.5. I was looking for touchPad apps only. Thanks for any input.
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    All the apps above Caveman in the catalog are affected, hopefully it'll be fixed Monday if it doesn't sort itself out automatically before then.
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    One of these days they will fix their catalog update system so updated apps don't show up until they are fully distributed to the catalog servers. Or not. Always freaked me out when my app did that until I finally realized it wasn't my fault.
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    The apps catalog is still a problem as of this morning. Still getting "not valid" message.
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    This appears to be fixed now at least in the UK.
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    Fixed in Germany - tested with the 'Citybike Wien' app.
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    From what I can tell this was fixed in the US last night at some point after 10 pm PST I was able to purchase and install the just released Astraware word games.
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