I've been looking at different sets of "must have" apps folks have posted here and have really been trying to rationalize how the tablet and phone work together. I really don't think I need the exact same set of apps on both platforms. I'm just curious as to what tasks others expect to do on each platform? I think it's an important question because developers really need to think about where to put their resources in deciding which is the best target platform for a particular application.

The two fundamental differences are that 1) the screen size which makes the TP useful for tasks that are to painful on my PRE (I can't see doing any real photo editing on the phone) and 2) my PRE is pretty much always with me whereas there are plenty of times that my TP is not, so for example I'd rather track gas mileage with a phone app since I know the phone will be in my pocket when I'm filling up with gas.

When I look at it I really think that once touch-to-share is in place, I could really view the tablet / phone combo as a single device where the phone captures the data (take pictures, voice recording, receive the GPS signal, 3G connection, etc) and the TP handles the processing tasks (photo editing, navigation software, document editing, serious web browsing etc). For example, If I could instantly transmit pictures or live video from the phone to the touchpad, I'd really have very little use for the camera on the touchpad itself. If my phone could function as a GPS receiver for the Touchpad via bluetooth or something like that, I'd have no need for a GPS receiver in the touchpad. As long as I can take quick notes on the phone and transmit them to the tablet, I really don't feel the need for a quick office suite on the phone itself.

I'm just wondering what others think.. Which apps belong on the Phone vs. the Touchpad (or which ones belong on both)? How can the phone and touchpad best be leveraged together as a complete mobile solution without developers wasting a bunch of resources producing overlapping functionality that isn't needed in both places (this would apply to the hardware as well... I'd much rather HP put its engineering resources into getting a good camera into its phones that cramming another crummy camera into the back of the touchpad).