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    Go here and tell them you want GameCenter Live for HP Touchpad. NHL Mobile Support

    I'd like to see it as well. The NHL knows its viewership demographics as more technologically inclined than other major sports. Get enough people to whisper in their ear and they may do it.
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    That looks like a great app for baseball! Unfortunately for me, I can only stay awake during baseball if I'm playing it Here's to hoping that something similar comes out for the NHL HINT WINK NUDGE KICK

    There's a couple of months until it starts (19 September) so I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for an app release prior to then!
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    I hope so too. I downloaded the iOS app on my Dad's TouchPad and loved it.

    edit: meant to say iPad!
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    Quote Originally Posted by pavvento View Post
    I hope so too. I downloaded the iOS app on my Dad's TouchPad and loved it.
    I didn't know that was possible?
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    +1 for a WebOS version. I have the iOS version on my iPad that really went well with my NHL Center Ice Online subscription. Being up in Alaska, I really crave the hockey coverage.
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    I don't know how my post got listed as the first in this thread... that is weird.
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    Quote Originally Posted by drimo View Post
    I don't know how my post got listed as the first in this thread... that is weird.
    Think threads move up based on latest activity. Oh're not the OP?

    Just submitted my request for WebOS/Touchpad support.
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    That's weird, never seen an OP get bumped before....oh well. Support request sent.
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    I'd love to see an app for the TP!
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    I am a HUGE NHL fan (Go Canes!!!) and am throwing my full support behind this!
    I dream of World Wide webOS.
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    Man I would love it if this actually happened. Go Wings.
    Blasphemous webOS fan, using Android (with a big phone buying problem)
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    We should go beyond and start tweeting to anybody related to the NHL....players, coaches, teams, announcers, whatever you can think of. Make a BUZZ!
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    I made a request on the linked website as well. Hopefully they create the app.
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    Just submitted my request ... and to keep in the theme: Go Flyers!
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    Just received this e-mail back from them after I submitted the request:

    Dear Valued Fan,

    Thank you for your input.

    We will forward your suggestions to the mobile development team for further consideration. Please stay tuned for improvements to NHL mobile in the future.

    Best Regards,

    The MobileHelp team

    Go Wings!
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    It's 3 weeks.....21 days.... give or take depending on your team, until preseason.

    It would be nice if something like the MLB app was made for hockey.....just sayin'!

    (and NFL too for that matter!)
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    sent in my request.

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