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    I have a number of IP cameras which would be great to be accessed from the TouchPad.
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    Hell yes. I already have two of these apps for my phone and I love them. Unfortunately, I don't have a spiffy Foscam yet (or equivalent), just using two webcams for now. Still looking for a deal on a network or even wifi security cam, preferably with a night vision mode. Would love this kind of app on my TP, especially if it supported notifications when motion was detected. Not sure if that's doable.
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    I use with a Uniden wireless camera (viewer connected to computer). I get alerts with 10 second video triggered by detected movement sent to my email, which I get on my pre-. The video attached to the alert plays fine on my phone & TP also.
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    etx - is there any chance that you can get this submitted soon? if not to the official app catalog then maybe preware with a Donate button?

    Thanks, Clarice
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    I would pay/donate for this app as well. I was surprised that there wasn't a way to do this already. I have a y-cam.
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    I am interested, as well. I have some linksys WVC80N cams, a panasonic IP cam, and an older dlink IP cam.
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    I would be happy to test one.
    especially if you have the ability to multiplatform it's dev.
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    I have a FOSCAM and a couple of generic Chinese eBay knockoffs (DB-Power). I currently have to use Splashtop against a PC that I have to leave on 24x7. I would love to have a dedicated app and would pay a couple of bucks for sure if with works with both types of cameras.
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    I just got my touchpad recently and would definitely pay $$ to have this functionality for my foscam cameras!
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    Splashtop just released their "Cam Cam" app into the catalog, that allows for remote viewing of a webcam (not sure if multiples) connected to PCs running the Splashtop server. Not sure if it allows simultaneous use with Splashtop Remote or not.

    I want to buy the app just to support them, and hoping that it means we'll get more of their really useful to me stuff, but I have a really hard time spending money on something I have ---no--- use for
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    I've just bought It, but it didn't see the pcs I'd set up with splashtop. More investigation tomorrow.

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    there certainly seems to be a lot of interest in this.

    i hope the OP hasn't forgotten about it.
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    urgently need an app for my up cams for my HP webOS, tx
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    Yes definately
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    yes. That would be Awesome
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    any updates on this??
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    Any word when this app is ready would be greatly appreciated. I have two disclaims.
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    ditto , nothing out there yet ??
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    Quote Originally Posted by bkdg100 View Post
    ditto , nothing out there yet ??
    I too would pay for this app.

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    This would be cool!
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