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    Hey thanks!

    The IPcam is owned by my brother in law who is located in a different country. I only access it using an external IP (via and it is actually working with my wife's iphone / I also tried with my friends android phone. "/m" seems to work for both platforms.

    I did further investigation and found something interesting.

    I went to the official d-link live demo cams here:

    *scroll down to DCS-2121 > then click Live Demo both username and password is "dlink"

    and I could see it on my HP touchpad fine (with both advanced and the normal browser).

    I noticed that when accessing the d-link LIVE demo cams it PROMPTS me with a username and password here on the TP browser. However, when I try to access my brother-in-law's IPcam it does NOT prompt me. It just goes straight to the control panel of the IPcam which I find weird (as if it by passed the username/pass prompt - but you can't still see anything so I think its safe).

    There are three main difference if you compare the IPcam of my bro-in-law and the LIVE demo.

    1) I believe that the LIVE demo uses the default port. My bro-in-law's cam uses a different custom port. *he is not tech savvy and someone just set it up for him when he bought it. I suggested changing the port but he refused and said that he might mess up something.

    2) Live demo uses firmware 1.05 but my bro-in-law only uses 1.04 for security reasons.
    *version 1.05 had a virus and dlink pulled it out

    3) Live demo uses static external IP while my bro-in-law uses dyndns. (It probably does not matter but I'll just say it anyway)

    I've also tried Private Browsing HD and still no go. I think its just a problem with the TP's browser handling different ports. I dunno .. lol.

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    so do you connect using the external ip or the dyndns address?

    what if you try the actual ip and not the dyndns url?
    not that i think that it should make a difference. it doesn't for mine.

    i used a different port for my camera so i don't think that makes a difference either, as long as you put the correct port in the url and you have your port forwarding setup right (which is seems to be for it to work on other devices).
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    i am looking for an ipcam softqare for my pre. Is it work for webos phone too?

    Quote Originally Posted by etx View Post
    I built one for myself, got it working pretty fast. Built on the PDK so it works good, but if I were to release it I would need to add a nicer GUI and stuff.

    If anyone is interested please let me know, If not I probably wont release it so I can keep working on the other stuff I'm building.
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    any update on this? I'm very interested.
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    I have multiple fixed Axis and PTZ Toshiba. I currently use Security Spy (OSX platform). I was half expecting Touchpad browser to handle live streaming but with no Java there's no streaming. Add me to the list of prospective users/buyers of a dedicated IPcam app.
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    I'm thinking we should put some sort of petition together for the makers of tinycam on android to port it to webos.
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    I'm also very interested, running 2 Foscams.
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    Well i contacted the maker of tinycam and he has said that he has looked in to porting it to the touchpad but the developer tools and assistance were not good at hp and he was put off, what a shame, i just got another cam the amazing panasonic bb hcm 581, it would be an amazing tool on the touch, logged in but alas only the tools and no video, mpeg stream of course is a no show, the frustrating thing is i have a 50 dollar ebay android tablet that it works perfectly on, its so frustrating
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    any update on this etx?
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    I am a new TP owner and would really like to purchase an IP camera app for it. I also would be willing to test the app if testers are needed. I have a D-Link DSC-920 IP camera.
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    Of course, I know of quite a few people personally, who would purchase the app.
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    I PM'ed ETX and unfortunately he told me he was working on two(!) other apps before he would work on this one. On the other hand I've emailed a few iOS developers of ip camera viewer apps and at least 1 is actively working to port over his app and another got very excited when I told him there weren't any ip camera viewer apps on the webOS market and that they would be the only game in town. Hopefully, we'll see something on the market in the next few days.
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    I have a Cisco/Linksys WVC200 and WVC210. I would very much be interested in the app for Touchpad...
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    please make it 7link 710ir compatible and available for buying outside app catalog (I live outside of app catalog coverage) .ipk and I'll buy 2 or 3 versions. Also, pre, pre 2 , veer support would be awesome
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    Well I installed splashtop last night and wow!! so now using my Acer Revo desktop I can use my Touchpad to do pretty much everything! I can view all my IP cameras and play all my files, I only saw this on the tech TV site last night, I have been using temaviewer for all my home networking, this blows it out of the water, the quality and responsiveness is superb! this pretty much means that I can ditch my streaming apps and photo viewing apps as its so much quicker using this app.

    Its a paid app but well worth it, so if you do want to view your cams on your tablet this is the best you can do, it works so well...I aint hanging on for android on this now, I highly recommend you go get this app, they are offering it at an introductory offer half price at the moment, go check the reviews out on the app store, the touchpad and Webos is saved!! hurrah!
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    count me in!
    I use ipcam on android and think there's a huge market for something similar on the TP
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    Quote Originally Posted by etx View Post
    I built one for myself, got it working pretty fast. Built on the PDK so it works good, but if I were to release it I would need to add a nicer GUI and stuff.

    If anyone is interested please let me know, If not I probably wont release it so I can keep working on the other stuff I'm building.
    I've been looking for days for an IP camera viewer app. I have one on my cell phone called IP View light (android OS) and its fantastic.. I'd love to get this app and am totally willing to beta test. I have Air links and Foscams
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    YES! I have 8 security cameras, and I have apps for android and iOS, but nothing for Touchpad!
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    Just found this thread, GREAT! I have 6 Dlink DCS-920's on my networks & 4 os's. I'll be happy to beta anything needed.
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