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    i have sony , toshiba , nec , samsung , acti , arecont , panasonic , axis , ect ... ip cams . also a few dvr's with network connections . contact me if you need any help , send me a pm if you want a beta tester .....
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    Yes please I've been searching the internet to see if their was any ip cameras that would work with the far not much luck so that's a big YES from me.
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    yes, panasonic,dlink and vivotek cams here.
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    I'm in the market to fit my house with some IP cams, so I would be more than willing to help once I've decided. Thanks for your efforts!
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    Hey guys, Im just wondering.

    Anyone who has dlink cams here, using iphone/ipad/android devices, when I to go my DCS-2121 via webrowser using the "/m", it actually works. I could see the video (unfortunately without sound which is fine).

    For some reason when I use the web browser of my TP, I just see a big black square screen. I don't see any video feed. I could almost tell that that black screen is actually the video because when I do a snap shot, there is an image. The image is fine, I could see the picture fine.

    Anyone knows why the TP browser doesn't display dlink ipcams using the /m ? Could anyone tell a work around for this while waiting for a dedicated app?

    BTW, what I meant about /m is here.


    +1 for a dedicated app please. The ip cam viewer is very important to me, now that the web browser mobile view is not working.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meggiedude View Post
    That's a pity mate, and will limit who you can sell this to.

    I may as well go with my ip cameras server via a browser as I can already get that for free.

    "IP Cam Viewer" on Android has the basic functions for free to hook you in, then provides the 2-way audio, no adverts, and other little nuggets on the paid version.
    Just an idea ..... ;-)
    OK I take that bit back about the use of my Foscam server page to display the video stream to the Touchpad. The video will not display in the Touchpad's browser, but I guess you already knew that ;-)
    The GUI displays - but just blank video stream.

    Intrigued that you have mjpeg streaming as I haven't seen a codec for that, or any equiv of say VLC for the touchpad that will display mjpeg or .asf format.

    As I say bi-directional audio would be best, both for me, and no doubt - your pocket, lol, but that's obviously your call. A lot of security cameras have the audio option now, and as I said before the Android app supports this.

    Anyway, keep up the good work.
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    got 2 diff ip cameras none of them work with my touchpad.
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    I need an IP Cam first, then I would be interested.
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    any update on the app? Would really love to be able to control my cameras from my touchpad!
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    Just noticed this thread and by coincidence have been asking my IP cam manufacturers.

    Mine are all PnP ie auto DNS - and are 10 x Starvedia IC202W and 4 x GKP P5007 and I'd love to be able to view them on my Touchpad with an app that behaves like Camview.

    Quite desperate for an app like this as it would release me from having to take a laptop on my travels so would be delighted to buy this app.
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    I believe I have a Foscam (or a clone), at least judging by its appearance. I'd love the app for webOS 2.x, as I have a Pre2, and just got a Pre3.

    I'd definitely buy it, but for something like this, would like to test its compatibility, either with a free or homebrew version.

    Thanks! This is definitely one of webOS' most active periods! Crazy.
    Pixi Plus - Pre Plus - Pre 2 - Pre 3 - Touchpad 1 ;-)
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    Only mentioned in case others haven't thought of it.

    I have my IP Cams set to trigger on motion. They upload to Photobucket. Each property has the cameras set to a different Photobucket folder. So although I don't have a Touchpad app - at least I can periodically see if there's been any activity.

    Hope this helps someone else ...............
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    Hi, I'm very interested in a camera app. for what I have now. I have 4 sony indoor/outdoor cameras set up working great since July of 2009. I have a static IP address which makes things easy. I connect through wifi with my laptop at any hotspot. The program that I had to install in my computer that came with the system is called D9-viewer. It's super easy to check all my cameras.

    My question would be, would your App. run this set up? If so I'm very interested.

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    its faster just wait for touchdroid
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    Yes, please! I have both Foscam and Trendnet Cameras. Especially the Trendnet 422w.
    Sound is also very important.
    Would definitely pay for it.
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    any news when this app is going to be launched?
    IŽd pay for it, getting a ip webcam working with the pre like a .phone or a ......d!
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    Got a couple of Foscams here and wouldn't mind an app to let me check on them.
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    Yes would love an app here too and would pay good money for one, I have 4 cams a foscam pan and tilt a linksys wvc54gca and 2 trendnet tv ip110wn so would happily happily beta test for you.

    The best cam viewer on any platform is tinycam monitor pro, it supports nearly every cam made, with pan and tilt, recording of the streams you name it it does it, I emailed the developer with a bug last night and he mailed me this morning with it fixed! I also have up cam viewer as well and its nowhere near as good and costs more.

    So if you want an app to aim for it would be that one on android, can't wait for a tablet app for my touchpad its such a shame that the browser doesn't support the streams or java applets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by keplenk View Post

    Anyone knows why the TP browser doesn't display dlink ipcams using the /m ? Could anyone tell a work around for this while waiting for a dedicated app?
    hey thanks for that tip.
    i didn't know about the /m trick.

    for what it's worth, using /m on my touchpad works just fine.
    however i notice that the url changes from http://url: port/m to http://url: port/mvideo.htm
    i don't know if that makes a difference for you.

    are you trying to access your camera via it's internal lan ip address (eg. or via an external ip address/hostname (eg. or etc)?

    if your TP is connected to the same lan as the camera you have to use it's internal address.
    if your TP is connected to a different lan (eg. via wifi at work etc) then you can use the external ip or hostname.

    example -
    when i try to connect to my camera using my address via my home wifi it doesn't load up.
    but if i use the wifi hotspot on my mobile (using my mobile data connection), it works straight away.
    i get prompted for a username and password and then i can choose from snapshot or live view.

    when i try to connect to my camera using it's local ip address using my home wifi, it connects straight away.

    also, yes please for a dedicated app.

    my camera is a dlink DCS-932L.
    it works great on android with the mydlink lite app.
    something similar (in terms of simplicity) would be great.
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