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    i do user experience and design. making websites and app user friendly to the user. if you are interested in help, let me know.
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    I'm about to get a couple of IP cameras for home surveillance, so count me in.
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    I got two foscams today for testing, so I'll be working on this full bore soon! The app will most likely be for touchpad first, then I can go back and try to build one for webOS 2.0. It will definitely support pan tilt functions. Thanks for the reference to the android one, I'll check it out.
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    yes it would be grate To have Control Ober an Ip-cam. Sure
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    I am very interested in this. I currently use Meye on the Iphone and Ipad for viewing my surveillance cameras, but need something to use on my new HP Touchpad. I am currently have 8 SVAT camera installed and would be more than happy to test this software with my system.
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    I would be intrested too. I have a foscam as well
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    Quote Originally Posted by etx View Post
    I built one for myself, got it working pretty fast. Built on the PDK so it works good, but if I were to release it I would need to add a nicer GUI and stuff.

    If anyone is interested please let me know, If not I probably wont release it so I can keep working on the other stuff I'm building.
    Hi etx - are you still planning on finishing and releasing this app? please? Thanks Clarice
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    yes I am. I am finishing the other two apps I'm working on first but I've got the mjpeg decoding working very nicely in my proof of concept version.
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    Thanks, I was afraid that devs far and wide would flee after this past week
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    yes! Would love to have it. Especially on webOS phone. I carry my Pre3 everywhere but not tablet.
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    yes, part of my job is installing security cameras
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    If you want, I've got a complete SDK/PDK setup in eclipse on my mac, opensource it so we can add features as a group. I've got a Panasonic camera to test with.. it's wifi, got zoom, pan, and tilt.
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    I'd buy it. Can't wait.
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    I will definitely buy it as IP Cam viewing is one of the primary reasons for my purchase of a TouchPad..
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    i was thinking about buying a WIFI cam, but wasn't sure i there'd be a webos app for it - i'd buy a a cam and the app.
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    very interested
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    If this would work for the new dlink ip camera's that would be great! I have a model DCS-932L.....
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    Me too.
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    Yes please! My wife and I have a Foscam set up as our babycam. Seeing as there's no viewer available on the BB, she would love to be able to view the cam on her new Touchpad. Thank you in advance.
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    I have 1 foscam, 2 Panasonic's and 3 trendnet ip cams. Would love for them to work on the touchpad. I will buy and can beta test. Something similar to ip cam viewer on android would be fantastic.
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