GiveMeApps (Apps For Every Device!) is on track to becoming the world's busiest and largest non-native app store with millions of downloads to date. Developers get to keep 100% of their download revenue (unheard of!) Offering apps for every major platform (iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Web OS, Windows Phone, Symbian, Facebook and more), a growing developer community, active user forums, a widely read and respected blog, informative reviews, social media tools, and an easy to use interface with unparalleled support and constant updates, GiveMeApps is where you go when you want to get all of your apps and information for any device in one place.

Developers can target millions via custom profiles, store fronts, comprehensive automated ad campaigns, promotions, syncing social media accounts and by taking advantage of our one time flat fee non-percentage option to keep 100% of their download revenue! This unique experience puts the power in the hands of both the user and the developer giving them what they want, whenever they want and however they want it, from any device or computer, at even the slowest connection speeds. We offer professional blog write ups and reviews for submitted apps.

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