I have a TP and a Pre. I would love to have both devices in sync with each other regarding tasks and notes. It's possible to do so right now, but I'd have to create new accounts at Simplenote and Toodledo. I don't need any more accounts in my life. I have a Google Account which provides Tasks and Docs, both of which I use and they would be ideal places to store tasks and notes from my webOS devices.

I have seen a Pre app that stores notes on Google Docs, but no app to do the same for the TP. I have not seen any apps that store tasks on Google Tasks for either device. Does anyone know of any apps that call fill this hole for me? The key is I must have apps for both the Pre and TP.

If I have to, I can open accounts at Simplenote and Toodledo and then kludge some apps together, but I just don't need any more accounts to keep track of. I already have hundreds and I think it's insane.