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    Reading online papers like the NYTimes or WSJ is painful compared to reading Pivot. Granted Pivot is a simple magazine and they have all month to prepare it but there has to be a better way to pushing online papers so that they flow better and easier to read on the touchpad.

    Anybody have any suggestions?
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    There are many in here who claim if you have a browser (albeit on a 9 in. screen......) "you don't apps."

    Well you've just pointed out why you do. It's a better experience. The nytimes app and WSJ apps are well suited to the format. Pivot is the same as well.

    No matter how great a browser is, it's STILL only 9.7 inches. That's small.
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    its not so much the browser thats the issue. is just how the newspapers lay their articles out as there is no flow. Its just links to stories, lots of back and forth between page loads etc. I would rather have one long page load that loaded 5-7 articles at once so it wouldnt be so much back and forth. Of course I could pay extra for a Kindle version of the NYT but I dont see the point.

    Edit: maybe just switching to an RSS based reader would be a better solution.
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    RSS would work, as would Google Reader, though I personally haven't decided on which app to buy yet.

    I only converted to Google Reader 3 or 4 months ago, but now prefer it, especially with a Touchpad and a Pre. On an RSS reader, each device is separate. So if something is read on one device, it's only that one device. With Google Reader, it syncs back to the server what you read and didn't read, so no matter which device I use, I'm only getting new stuff.

    There's also Pressreader, which gives an actual newspaper format. I tried it once and hated it, but maybe that's something you'd like.
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    check out the USA Today app for a refreshing and unique way to read the paper. Also CBS sports app.
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    The news reading format that I've found best is that of the Bing app on the iPad. Bring that to the TP, please.
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    Check out igizmo app. I think they did one of the best jobs for a magazine.

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