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    Does anyone know if Corel or anyone else for that matter is working on an app that will allow you to view Wordperfect files? My office is required to use Wordperfect, so it would be nice if I had an app on the Touchpad that could view them.
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    Don't know. You should contact Corel, as they'd be the ones to make that app most likely. It's possible that Quickoffice could open a Wordperfect file, but I don't know as I don't have any WP files. Heck, I didn't even know WP was still used.
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    side note. wp 5.1 dos: still the best word processor ever.
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    I saw a homebrew solution for installing bits of Ubuntu including Libreoffice. Libreoffice will open these files
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    I loved Wordperfect. Hated moving to MS Word. I remember there used to be an option to make the menus and shortcuts in word the same as WP.

    sorry cant help though
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    Also a WordPerfect user. Really missed Doc to Go when abandoned us. AND Felipe is right WP 5 was best ever.
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    same here. I avoid MS Word as much as possible. I have moved past WP 5 though. My copy of WP 12 loads perfectly (no pun intended) on every Win OS I've ever used.

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