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    1Password (with patch to support autofill)
    Yelp (one that lets you log in and write reviews as well as being TP sized)
    Onlive Viewer
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    Experimental warthog kernels for webOS devices. Patches such as Muffle System Logging, Max Blocker etc.

    Donations go towards further experimentation.
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    Pocket Mirror
    DirecTV app similar to iPad(web doesn't cut it)
    RDP Client
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    I'd like a browser integrated password manager that integrates with Firefox Sync. I'd pay a lot for this, maybe $15 or so.

    I'd pay some good money for both RDP and VNC apps as well. (Assuming they *work*)

    Oh, and a SSH app would be great as well. I think Xecutah is a great idea but I don't need a full blown Ubuntu install, I just want to be able to SSH into a Linux box (Or my TouchPad)

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    MLBTV works fine in browser. I watched the Mets and Braves on it the other night.
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    And good games
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    Quote Originally Posted by cobrakon View Post
    DirecTV To Go - (WIB)
    DirecTV NFL Superfan (to stream games) - (WIB)
    HP MediaSmart Media Streamer - ??
    Netflix (even if I just cancelled) - Needed
    Pandora - (WIB)
    Picassa (OK maybe I wont get this Google app) - (WIB)
    Specify - App exists
    VLC Video Player - Other video player exist
    Unfortunately, it looks like DirecTV requires you to load an application on your computer to stream content from your DVR (no Web OS and no browser viewing). For NFL game streaming, you can use an app to watch games on your laptop or Palm Pre, but there is not an app for the Touchpad yet. I have the app for my Pre Plus but it never copied to the touchpad with initial set up.
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