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    So, I was curious about how the TP would handle a full wipe and then restore/sync from the webos account. I was surprised to find that after the sync and restore was finished, it was as if the wipe never happened and I didn't have to touch a puter. Nice.

    However, app data and customizations are not backed up along with the app. Well, that's not entirely true. It seems the stock apps do have their data backed up but purchased apps from the catalog don't.

    What I found particularly annoying (besides my rss feeds being lost) was the robotek HD game. I made a small donation and was given the reward for doing such but that and my progress was wiped out. I guess that information is not backed up or noted in any way. Sort of silly to have such a nice restore function only to have all that app data and preference lost in the process.

    Is there another method of backing up data that would have retained this information? One thing I really loved about android was being able to make an image of the device state at that moment, not to mention back up apps and their respective data, if one just wanted to do that.
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    If you have preware on your device, There is an app called save/restore where you can backup your data including games and restore it back onto your device after a wipe and reload. I dont know if its for the TouchPad yet but it should be. WebOS Internals is pretty good at updating there stuff for all devices.
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    Save/Restore is available for the TouchPad. Here is the Forum Thread.
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