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    I like to have pictures attached to all my contacts and I've used Outlook/MS Exchange to add pictures for each of my contacts.

    With my pre 2 and webOS 2.1, I've always had mixed results: after the initial sync all the contact pictures were displayed fine (in emails, messaging, contacts, etc...) and then for no apparent reason some of them were starting randomly to disappear and were replaced by just a blank square (not even the generic contact avatar) and when trying to add one manually directly on the pre it was still showing a blank square - after trying everytrhing to fix this I finally gave up...

    I was hopping that the TouchPad and webOS 3.0.0 & 3.0.2 would fix this issue (probably some form of a bug in the contacts database?) but unfortunately it's not the case:

    +after the initial sync with my MS exchange account, all my contact pictures were displayed fine (in messaging, in the contact app, etc...)
    +however after a while they have again started to randomly disappear and were replaced by a blank square (not even the generic person avatar)
    +tried deleting the MS exchange account and re-installing it; also checked that the MS exchange account was always set as the primary profile; and it's even possible to replace this blank square by a locally stored picture

    This obviously not a major issue but still it is quite a frustrating bug. I really don't understand what could be the cause of this random/gradual disappearing of contact pictures that were initially displayed with no problem.

    Does anyone have a solution/fix for this for both the TP 3.0.2 and the pre2 2.1?
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    I'm having the same problem on HP TouchPad (3.0.2). I didn't have the pics from Exchange, though - most of my profile pics were from FB (although I do have an Exchange account loaded).

    I had a similar problem on my Pre- (1.4.5) where it wouldn't display FB photos, but that was a limitation of the app and contacts not being able to pull when I turned https browsing on.

    Like you said, the functionality's still there, but this brokenness over time is cheapening the experience.

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