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    My wife and I are avid geocachers. I use the great app geocaching for webos on my pre minus. However, I love to browse the map from on my browser to see locations of caches. Unfortunately the browser in my new touchpad doesn't work with said map. (and recently won't even allow me to login, which worked fine before 3.0.2 update. But that is another conversation.) I would love if someone could make an app using the bing maps integration on the touchpad that would allow you to see location of caches and perhaps a link back to for more info. I have no coding experience myself but would be willing to test it extensively. Thanks in advance.
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    I'm a recent TouchPad owner, and have seen the same problems with logging in to So, this worked fine before?
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    yes. I did find a workaround. Click on the login link from the maps page. Then check remember me. It should stay logged in. Good luck.
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    Same Problem here, Does not save the login

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