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    Is there any way to delete messages on the facebook app....
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    Not sure, but I'd also like a fix...since I have about 30 msgs stuck in limbo. Sorli...
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    I wish there was

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    same boat here
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    yeah, that will be a nice swipe delete feature''
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    Can u archive them?
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    This is a serious issue, so annoying. I have 40 of them.

    Only way to fix it is to archive the message on fb, and then delete it. aka too much work, and i don't really want to lose those threads.
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    I notice that the postings on the News Feed page are neither as up to date nor complete as the web page. Certain people's news entries are missing and one post with two mobile photos only has one of the tablet program. I hit the refresh button, but they do not update. I have it set to update every 20 minutes, but these are posting 8 and 10 hours old.
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