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    Surprised there's no thread for this yet, there's now a camera app (called simply "Camera App") in the app catalog. And all it does is use the camera to take pictures and store them to your Touchpad.
    There's no shortcut key (sadly), just a camera button on screen.
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    The dev said he will update with ability to take pics with volume buttons. HP should definitely have included this with the TouchPad but it's only a buck so whatever. Props to the dev!
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    cool!! Why couldn't HP do this .... Heading to app catalog now!
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    Works like a charm! I'd like some more features such as changing settings or applying effects, but I'm just happy this has finally been released. I don't know why HP refuses to release an official app.

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    A little blurry looking but once the picture it taken it looks good. Im just glad we actually have a working camera app. I think it just needs Driver Acceleration or somethin for smoothness plus tap to focus. Cant wait what else they will bring to us!
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    I wonder if your blurriness is camera shake when you're taking a picture with an awkward device.


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