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    Has anyone been able to find out anything about NDrive for webOS availability for the TouchPad? Their website says it is in the webOS app cat, but I surely cannot find it in the app cat on the TouchPad.

    I am looking for a top-notch navigation app for the TouchPad to be able to use with my MiFi (GPS enabled) wifi hotspot while traveling.
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    Other maps or apps that use location services can use the wifi location for pinpointing where I am on the map. With the MiFi being a wifi hotspot, I have a constant updatable location as I travel, besides the MiFi having a GPS.

    The only reason I think it is possible for a navigation program to use the MiFi wifi for location is that last year I used my former tablet (iPad) with Google Maps, sometimes, and my MiFi all the time, to watch my progress as I traveled (I was a passenger, and a little blue dot would move on the map as the car traveled the route) and to let the driver know when the next turn, etc., would be coming up.

    Is it not then true that the wifi signal that is currently being used by the TouchPad location services can also be used for providing location on a navigation route?

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