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    Hi, since I just installed preware on my tp, I finally found the IRC app I was looking for. My tp is in the process of replacing my computer for everyday use, but it lacks one very important thing: the Live messenger integration in the messaging app.

    There's a patch on my veer that I installed but which is not really usable (login pbs mostly). I wondered if a patch for tp was in preparation, or if someone would like to code a synergy app for the app cat?

    I'm certainly not alone to be willing to pay for such app. It's lack of presence by default on webos is really annoying!

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    Microsoft to blame! The whole Messenger Connect SDK, that MS advises us developers to use, for building features like the one you request, is a joke.

    For example, if I build an application and after letting you sign in and provide your 'consent' to share your contacts info, all that you get is the contact's first name, last name and gender. At the max, the contact's birthday. No email addresses. No phone numbers. At any cost. Would you believe that? What would you do with a contact, who cannot be contacted?

    You should visit this forum Windows Live Messenger Connect Forum
    for yourself, to see so many of us fuming.

    Ok, leave the contacts. I plan to work on providing IM support, as you requested. This is available in V4.1 of the SDK. But it is already deprecated and will be discontinued in an year's time. V5.0 is the latest. But it doesn't support IM functionalities yet. Do they have a timeline at least to bring this support in V5? Nothing at all. Check this out:

    4.1 to 5.0 - Chat / Instant Messaging API Timeline

    It's upto you users of the LIVE platform to start pushing MS. To enable us devs to provide what you want.

    Hope this helps clarify the situation.
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    It does, and I think it explains why the messenger patch on my veer doesn't work well at all.

    I would love to tell ms how i feel , but 1) I doubt I will be heard and 2) I don't know wnere to tell them.

    but what I do not understand is why IM apps (expensive IM apps when it comes to TP or mobile device in general^^) have very good live support on every plateforms ? Do they have access to some API's that are not given to everybody ?
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    I wrote a post on my blog on how to use windows live messenger on the TP (using the built-in messaging app).
    Using Windows Live Messenger in webOS (incl. Touchpad) futurepr0n

    I've been using it for well over a month and it still works well.
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