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    Is there anyone working on an ereader app for the TP? Ya know, something that rivals ibooks on the goofy yet annoyingly more functional in some respects, ipad. The kindle app would be OK, I guess, if it allowed me to side load pdfs and epubs. It at least has the search feature I'm after.

    I sent a note to amazon about it and got the usual "yea, yeah, thanks for the input, etc"
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    Check out pReader. It doesn't have a fancy interface, but it reads many formats & does it well. You can get it in preware. The NON-native version has been updated to run full-screen on the TouchPad. The native version is in the process of getting an Enyo rewrite.

    If you want more info, pReader has a dedicated thread here. It is at:
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    I would like to know this too. Is there something in the works? The kindle app is really nice so far but desperately needs a dictionary feature.

    I tried p reader and I didn't like it very much' looking up a word takes forever and really messes up the flow of reading. Also the layout needs work, there needs to be an option to specify margins and leading, short of that at least have a set layout that is easy on the eyes like iBooks, google books, or Kindle. I've tried adjusting the font size, type, background color, and without being able to get a margin or give it more air between lines it just ends up looking like a basic html page you'd get on project Guttenberg.
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    ReadMe an ereader app is a big improvement over preader. Make a folder on Touchpad called ebooks, then drag epub files into it and then add in ReadMe. A little glitchy, but not bad. Also had the page sweep similar to iBooks.

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