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    Welp, the update made all of my records go poof. That is REALLY annoying. Took a long time to set them up.
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    I wonder if that has to do with fixing that one problem with app data.
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    I lost all my data and for some reason when I click on the app, I get the Mojo version. I have to use the catalog to get the TP version.

    I restored from back up and so far it works well with Advanced browser.
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    I didn't have any trouble, but I didn't have the version for the phones, just the touchpad one. Still launches Advanced Browser normally as well...
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    I never purchased the phone version either so it's weird that it popped up.
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    Mine was the TP version, haven't had a webOS phone since the day of the HTC Evo's launch.
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    I just checked, I lost my SecuStore 2 data as well - but since I had lost my data a couple weeks ago I made a fresh Save/Restore backup before doing the update, and Restore worked. I had only re-entered a couple of items but it's nice to know it works! I'll have to schedule another donation...
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    Argh.....lost all of mine too. What the heck man...god this is gonna suck having to put them all back in again.
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    hopefully this is a once off and not going too happen every time
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    my data is still there. Securstore2.
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    Lost mine as well. This time I made a backup.

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