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    The app catalog has a nice layout with the description, reviews, etc. all well organized. The previews can be scrolled through, but when I click on one, or attempt to zoom in, nothing happens. The images are always thumbnail size. Is this something flaky with my TP or is this really how the catalog is right now?

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    Well, you're better off than I am as of late. Most of the apps I click on won't even load the preview thumbs now, they just show up blank. What in the world is going on with this platform I love???
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    Same issue here. I'm quite surprised no one has brought it up yet (maybe its in the 25 page long touchpad bugs topic). Hopefully this wasn't by design. I'd love to see an enlarged view of some of these pics but alas - just the videos do something when clicked.
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    that's the way it it supposed to work. Pics no longer expand when you tap them
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    My point is that I cant even see most thumbnails anymore. They simply wont load. The non-enlarging piece is frustratingly odd, but it's been that way for a month, so I live with it. But I at least need the thumbs to load.
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    Same result for me. No screen shots at all. Just a dark gray blank area.

    HP is going backwards, not forwards.
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    It's been brought up in the developer forums.

    They basically gave us the same old response ("we'll get to it eventually").
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    that's the way it it supposed to work. Pics no longer expand when you tap them
    Excuse me for being overly blunt here... but that is just dumb. The thumbnails are so small that I can't even tell what is being represented. If it would just enlarge to Pre size, that would be fine, at lease then large text would be legible and I would be able to see what I am buying. The alternative is to make the web marketplace searchable, although this is much more inconvenient, I could at least get a real preview of the product.

    If the moving backwards plan is really what HP intended with the new catalog, then is all I have to say.
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    From the App Catalog "help"

    To see a larger view of a thumbnail image, if available: Tap a thumbnail image that does not display the [play] icon.

    HP needs to get this fixed NOW. It is costing their valued devs sales.

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