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    Quote Originally Posted by noseph View Post
    I believe that Evernote does not have a TouchPad app yet.
    How is it via the browser?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Syndil View Post
    That's probably more a limitation of BT technology than Google Docs. I use a MS BT Keyboard 6000 for day-to-day things, but there are a few apps that cause a great amount of lag time between the keyboard and the PC. It also seems to get more and more laggy the longer I try to put up with it. Apparently HTML5 or Flash or Silverlight or Gears or whatever Google Docs is running in is one of those apps. I have a USB keyboard on standby for when I need to run an app I know will not work well with my BT board.
    Good to know, hopefully that means that the keyboard will, indeed, work a lot better with QO.
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    Unfortunately, I haven't found any solution to the scrolling issue in G-docs, either. Hope it is fixed soon.
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    Does the scrolling issue people are describing also apply for the word docs in google? I find I can't move down the page unless I have the keyboard on with the arrow keys. Amy I missing something?
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