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    Has anyone successfully installed Classic on the TouchPad? (It is my one indispensible app on my Palm Pre (Sprint)).

    After reading the 14 pages and 261 posts on “How to Keep Classic with webOS 2.0 and above” I would need to hire some geek to do that deed (if there is any possible way to make such a process crash I will find it ), but first I’m wondering if it will even work.

    1. If the TouchPad could be “homebrewed” or whatever so Classic would work on it, how would one then install the Classic App, since it’s not available in the WebOS 3.0 App catalog? Can I still access all the apps available for my 1.4.5 Pre? Or, is there a way to side load from the Pre to the TouchPad?
    2. If one gets this far, will it run full screen? If it will only run in a tiny little emulator screen I’ve read about it rather defeats the purpose of getting a TouchPad as the intention is to get things onto a larger screen than the Pre.

    I am currently using an Evo 4G as my phone and I “rooted” my Nook Color into a 7” Android tablet, but I still have my Pre (still works great and I’m keeping it as the back up phone) and I’ve always planned to return to WebOS when the next generation WebOS phone is available at Sprint. I would enjoy playing around with a TouchPad IF I could have Classic on it until “mission critical to me” apps I run in Classic are available for WebOS, and IF they would run full screen (or heck, even half screen).

    When I had my Nook “rooted” (CyanogenMod 7) every application I had acquired for the Evo was available for download onto the Nook and they all run superbly in full screen, with no distortion. I’m hoping I can do the same with a WebOS phone and tablet.
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    Anything is possible but that would be above my paid grade.
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    If you find out let me know because I would like iSilo on the touchpad
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    Yup. Lots of people asking, all over.
    No answer anywhere I've found yet.
    Pointer welcome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by markawashington View Post
    If you find out let me know because I would like iSilo on the touchpad
    BTW: iSilo is working on a version for the TP (and has stated that the work continues, even though HP will stop making them). They claim it will be available in the next couple months.
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    Main thread about this, methinks:

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