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    ever since I got my Pre 2, I've tried to download the Bible app by youversion. When I try to load in the app catalog the only thing that comes up is the loading circle icon or the glowing bag icon. I've talked to palm and you version people but still don't have an answer. Anyone have any thoughts??

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    i get the yellow triangle error, looks like there is either something wrong with the app catalog or the developer's account... can't help much..
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    Is there another way to install this app?
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    I managed to install this using Impostah!
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    Preware - "Impostah"
    Impostah - App Catalog - "com.youversion.palm"
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    RIP YouVersion Bible

    I spoke with the dev team, after my Bible app stopped working. The webOS version was using a deprecated API, which they have now permanently disabled, due to claims from copyright holders. There are no plans for further backward compatibility, and they are unable to share documentation for the new API.

    Youversion EOL.png
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    Bummer. Thanks for the update.

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