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    A few years ago, When the original Pre came out, my friend was using this app that allowed him to text me off his phone but a different number came up. He used it for pranks and such but i have lost contact with him to ask him what the app was called. All i assume about the app is that you can send and receive text off the phone with a different number being displayed. Anyone know of such app? If it's been banned or has been removed since then, i'd understand. Anyway, if anyone has any info. It'll be appreciated.
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    In the app catalog: Anonymously tXting or Anonymous Texter. Both are $0.99.
    There used to be free apps for anonymous texting and anonymous email. I had them both but now it seems I don't have them anymore. I think they were written by the same dev as 1 of the paid apps I just listed and he disabled them. Don't really remember.

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