The TouchPad is a new device and of course the latest with webOS, this coupled with HP's much better marketing push than Palm is attracting new users to the platform. I've "sold" two TPads so far, both converts and both brand new to webOS. One was a GTab7 user, and the other a Nook. The saw me using it, asked, I gave the whiz-bang demo of webOS' prowess and they were sold, passing their devices to other family members.

They did ask about app recommendations because they said "It doesn't seem like a lot of the apps are being used." This isn't the case but brings up a good point. Since this is a new platform, people have only been using it for a shorter period. So reviewing your apps not only helps new users see how other people like them so they can make a decision, but th feedback is invaluable to the devs so they can make improvements.

So I am asking all my fellow webOS'ers to remember to review those apps!