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    Quote Originally Posted by Wh0mpu5 View Post
    You Sir have Love for Canada
    Well, I am Canadian, after all!
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    Pet lamb, I feel your pain and frustration! As a UK TP owner, I to feel disenfranchised to a degree. New to TP, new to web Os, it does seem very targeted to our American friends. Good news is that I now have full access to Kindle and have set up my ŁUK account, movies - not so good news, I got a 'welcome' e mail but can't set up non-US account. There must be ways round this but I'm not technically competent enough yet to trust myself to go down other routes as a workaround. Still learning but getting more positive indicators through p|c.

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    Quote Originally Posted by neville View Post
    Well, I am Canadian, after all!
    Sweet, thanks man! I own a Kindle 3, but nice to have the Touchpad as a backup. Works awesome. Recognized my account and everything!
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    wow thank you for that tip.

    such a great community and without webos internals I dont know how this forum would be.

    always a bang up job and I am now using kindle
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    Just a side note, looks like the MovieStore app itself might be geo-filtered. Moreover, the Movie Store requires a US billing address

    On the plus side, the Kindle app works fine for me
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    I tried looking for as was posted above and in another thread but Impostah says it can't find it. I was able to install the Kindle app without any problems. Any ideas???
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    Kindle should be available in Canada App Catalogue now
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    Yes it is available now in the app store. I had already installed it with Impostah and the app store recognized it as being installed. I feel vindicated somehow :-)
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