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    I have been trying to see if there is anyway to do this. Is there an app, or a way, to see an offline file tree so that I can organized my documents and pdf in subfolders?

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    Please, please, please....This is a key item if the TouchPad is really going to be used for work-related activities.

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    Doesn't Gemini or Internalz Pro satisfy this? They're both complete file managers. Gemini also lets you access your Dropbox account & the author has said he's adding access also.
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    GoAruna is also a file manager found in the App Catalog. It's free, too. I am sure it's not as powerful as Gemini or Internalz, but it might get you by.
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    Thanks. I wasn't sure if I could use those for offline file opening.

    But its good to know I can.
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    Info on Gemini and Internalz, even some info from Jason about specifics on Internalz HD
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