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    So I, too, think the TP Facebook app is one of the best ones out there. That said, I've noticed that it does not seem to be showing the most current 'News Feed' or 'Status Updates' as I get by loggining in to Facebook natively or using other apps. It seems to be hours, days in some cases, behind. I've got the refresh set to 20 minutes, I've tried other frequencies, I've tried refreshing manually, I've removed my account and reinstalled it...and I still can't get it to show the most up to date info.

    Anyone else seeing this?
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    Is it actually behind or are you just not seeing some items? I find that the app doesn't actually have all the content that the website has. While I think the app is good, it doesnt feel quite finished; I'm not sure where the fault is but the app doesn't provide the same content as the website. Apparently it's the way Facebook's permissions work, and the app is restricted from some content- but I never noticed a problem with the facebook app on my Pre-
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    Same noticed
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    The biggest omission for me by far is the lack of 'group' support. The FB app doesn't support them at all. You're forced to use the web version.

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